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Often times, when we view our own dreams, we interpret them with what we know. The real core is to get beyond what we know.

A dream is like a puzzle, each piece helping you to clarify the whole puzzle so that other pieces may suddenly become clear.

It's not limited to any one theory or belief system. The basic unlocking of the layers of knowing is the method when your own bodily experience of something begins to open up in you.

When we work together, I'm a guest in your person's internal space where you're allowed to keep private what you feel you need to keep safe.

Are you taking Inspired Action on the wisdom that radiates from your soul, your higher self, your being?  Perhaps you ignore that inner voice and do what you think is expected of you?  Do you turn a deaf ear, push away from internal nudges that are trying to get your attention? A Course in Transformation is not about asking for the same request to happen over and over again in your life. Instead, it's about setting your intention, raising your vibration and becoming worthy to be open to  receive the internal nudges created by your own Intuition. From this moment on, why live any other way than for yourBest and Highest good, that of your family and of mankind.

 Understanding your dreams
A course in Transformation


"In this life, inner transformation begins at birth. All you can do is create a space for transformation to happen and to show up in that space empowered to be all you can be for your best and highest good, that of your family and of mankind." Together we strive to be victorious in accomplishing that.


   It's your choice how you'll feel in any situation

  and no one or no-thing can take it away from you...

My purpose: To hold a sacred space for you, and in that space, for you to see, hear and feel all that you are and can be.

        Then for you to place inspired action into it...

Today is a great​ day for success

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