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Often times, when we view our own dreams, we interpret them with what we know. The real core is to get beyond what we know.

A dream is like a puzzle, each piece helping you to clarify the whole puzzle so that other pieces may suddenly become clear.

It's not limited to any one theory or belief system. The basic unlocking of the layers of knowing is the method when your own bodily experience of something begins to open up in you.

When we work together, I'm a guest in your person's internal space where you're allowed to keep private what you feel you need to keep safe.

What is Past Life Regression

Past life regression uses Hypnosis to promote recall, using a series of questions designed to elicit statements and memories about the past life history and identity. I also use bridging techniques from a client's current -life problems to bring "past-life stories" to conscious awareness. In many situations it's believed that unresolved issues from alleged past lives may be the cause of a clients current problems.

What can I expect  during a Past Life Regression Session?
Your experience will be unique to you. When sharing experiences with others often there will be similarities but each individual experience will be their very own. It's similar to meditation, dreams or Hypnosis when applied for different types of applications. Some individuals experience very visual imagery of past lives, others a feeling, sound or a full experience. The process itself often allows a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness. Joann Gerber says it best" The best rule of thumb is the less you expect, the more you may get"

Could what I experience during Past Life Regression Session Just be my own imagination?

What you experience could be imagination, or it could be real. Just because something seems real, it does not necessarily make it real. A Past Life Regression Session is another method to help us grow.


 Understanding your dreams
Past Life Regression


"In this life, inner transformation begins at birth. All you can do is create a space for transformation to happen and to show up in that space empowered to be all you can be for your best and highest good, that of your family and of mankind." Together we strive to be victorious in accomplishing that.


   It's your choice how you'll feel in any situation

  and no one or no-thing can take it away from you...

My purpose: To hold a sacred space for you, and in that space, for you to see, hear and feel all that you are and can be.

        Then for you to place inspired action into it...

Today is a great​ day for success

​      ​​                                                                                 


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