Weight Loss:        Never weigh yourself again after three sessions                 

Stop Smoking:     Throw your cigarettes in the basket before you leave  

Breaking Habits:  Stop the cycle of bad habits and start creating good ones 

To name a few:    Passing tests, Sleeping Better,  IBS,  Panic Attacks,  Stress,  Law of Attraction                                                                                      Dream Interpretation, Attracting Love, Living With Passion, Finding The Right Career  
                              Past Age Regression, Past Life  Regression, Pain Management, Relationship Builder
                              Flying, Nail Biting, Exercise, Losing the SWEETS, Finding Direction, Coaching The Soul   

About now you may be asking yourself "How can one practitioner be successful at accomplishing all of these issues?"     

 Good question!  You're right in asking. Find the answer Here.  

Larry Rene Quemere

Mastering The Art Of Self Hypnosis:  To sink deeper into our minds and rewrite or reprogram our subconscious. 

3+1 Stress Reduction Program:           Reducing the demand on the Mind and  Body as it tries to cope with incessant changes in life

Past Life Regression:                            When your subconscious mind recalls memories of lives past and lessons to be learned

Mindfulness:                                          Paying attention to our thoughts and feelings without judging or having them right or wrong 

Gifts From The Law of Attraction:        Is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on 

Become A Certified   Hypnotherapist: 100 Hour National Guild of Hypnotist training and Certification Program

Create Your Dream Business:                Part A; Finding/ creating the right business Part B; Marketing Part C; Utilizing your assets

Yoga:                                                         Private and group sessions for beginners and advanced students 

Larry, Good morning and thank you for giving a great course! 

I just came across a quote by David Snyder which sums up how I feel.
“ You will forget what people show you and you will forget what people say
but you will never forget how people make you feel.”
Thank you all for your participation to make it an incredible three days.
R/Dan Lunny

From Peppermint To Pendulums 

After attending Larry's Hypnosis Class with all of you this past weekend  I feel elated, excited, aroused  The class, I prefer to call it  'The 3 Amazing Days Class' was far more than I expected. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount about hypnosis, I had my mind opened up  to a world beyond the mind.... Wait a minute I'm a non believer. What's happening ?
How did I write a song on Monday morning in 20 minutes? I have tried many times to write a song. It's on my 100 goal list. I have never completed one single song!  James told me to let the something or others in.  They won't come because I don't let them in.  So, I am walking to my den with one line of the song  in my head, looking up at the ceiling asking ...What? Who?, I have no frickin' clue but, I'm asking for help.  James says they'll come. I am biting, hook, line and sinker. I have even got a confident smile on my face, as I head to my den and write the song. I wrote it in 20 minutes. What the???? The sad part is I have another song in my head that is very disturbing... "We've Only Just Begun" by the Carpenter's. Is this the trade off? Do I have to take the bad with the good. I may need therapy!

Thank you all for brightening my

Clinical and Metaphysical Approach To Rebooting , Realigning and Redirecting Your Passions, Desires, Into Positive Outcomes

Classes and Certifications.


Sean VanRiper:   I had the pleasure of attending Larry Quemere's Hypnosis workshop

and I must say I was more than satisfied with Larrys’ teachings. He is a gem in his field and an absolutely great guy all around. I highly recommend you attend one of his workshops and or sessions. Larry is proof. “Anything is Possible” Thank You, it was a pleasure Sean VanRiper


New approaches into opening creative thinking:   Owners, Presidents Marketing, Sales and Designers a new way of thinking 

Team Building:                                                            A way for each member to not just hear but be able to listen to each other


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Amy Boughan‎ to Larry Rene Quemere Thank you Larry !
This past weekend was transformational, I look forward to continuing my Hypnosis training with you.

We provide our client's with access and the tools needed in fulfilling expectations and outcomes often better than imagined.

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If you must doubt yourself, doubt your limits.

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