Metaphysical Approach  

Is an exciting way into a very clear a practical manner of you beginning to achieve your true and real goals of life by experiencing your self-realization? You begin to understand the power of your spirit and soul no matter what religious practices you are committed to. For those who are spiritual or not, you continue on your journey of a path of spiritual consciousness to what is always around us working with mind-body, and spirit. It's all about taking immediate control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial portions of your life where anything is possible. Remember the choice is always yours into how you want to live your life, don't sell yourself short by only living a half-life. Your reward is a permanent open heart with love. If you slip you get back up if you are stopped you continue on. Just the fact that you even want to grow ahead says you're great Just keep moving along*                                                                                                                                                           

​​I Free To Be Center For Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy  

Clinical or Metaphysical Approach Towards Wellness 

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What makes this course different from other Hypnosis Courses?

The material used for your transference from course material to you is the same from all NGH Trainers It's a great course taught by well trained Certified Instructors. My pledge to you is that you will not only learn the course but you will develop a skill set from it. Skillset is the application of lessons learned and techniques that go along with the course between the lines sometimes known as life lessons. Join us!    


Clinical Approach  Hypnosis teaches clients to use a deep relaxation state to address issues ranging from physiological to psychoanalytical. The American Psychological Association (APA) defines the practice as "a procedure during which a Health professional or researcher suggests that a client, patient, or subject experience changes in sensations, perceptions, thoughts, or behavior."
The hypnotic context is generally established by an induction procedure. Although there are many different hypnotic inductions, most include suggestions for relaxation, calmness, and wellbeing. Instructions to imagine or think about pleasant experiences are also commonly included in hypnotic inductions.    Clinical Services

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We are located at 18 Columbia Road, Pembroke MA. Our business comes from but not limited to the surrounding towns of Hingham, Norwell, Rockland, Hull, Pembroke, Duxbury, Scituate, Weymouth, East Bridgewater, Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, Middleboro, Hanson, Plymouth, Avon, Brockton. We also draw clients for Boston, Quincy, and Rhode Island.

We offer services for Companies, Corporations, Yoga Centers, Homes, any location that would like to have a presentation of our services. We look forward to being a guest.      

  • ​Reclaiming Your Power
  • Inner Child Retrieval
  • Past Life Regression
  • Career Development  
  • Changing Habits
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Attracting Love
  • Less Stress by Letting Go 
  • Rekindling Intimacy


Many are taking the first steps into making successful changes in their lives. For others 

it may be the finishing touch of changing habits that no longer serve them  

Particle list of what Influences our work in no special order comes from:  The Secret, Untethered Soul, Deepak Chopra, Dr.Wayne Dwyer, Dr. Herbert Benson, Price Pritchett, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, The National Guide of Hypnotist,  Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams, The Passion Test, Rita Berkowitz, Karen Paolino Correia, Louie Correia, Tom Nicoli, Don Martin,  Lenny, and Elizabeth Gibson, My Yogi Wife Eileen, My Students and the many teachers who shared their knowledge of both motivating and spiritual insights. This abbreviated list is an indication of how we work in creating and expanding the life you and I want to live. See our list of reference materials.  

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Two Styles of Hypnotherapy

Trying to change someone is a waste of time. The very thought of changing someone is saying that they are not good enough as they are, and it is soaked with judgment and disapproval. That is not thought of as appreciation or love, and those thoughts will only bring separation between you and that person. You must look for the good in people to have more of it appear. As you look only for the good things in a person, you will be amazed at what your new focus reveals. The Secret Rhonda Byrnee -Look in the mirror with love and appreciation " you are that person" Larry Quemere


Want to explore and think about it first? 

Great idea to gather more information before making your decision. Get to meet your instructor, location, ask questions, participate in a full group Hypnosis session along with learning Self Hypnosis that will help yourself, your friends, and family. Best self-help class.     

Who would benefit from taking this course? 

Social Workers, Psychologist, Massage Therapist, Holistic Practitioner as well as those having an interest in joining this growing field.  For those looking for the course to both change their own lives and provide an opportunity of helping others either Part-time or full time.

Here's your opportunity to create a career and added revenue stream 

 Partial  List of Services  Full List  Private and Group Sessions 

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   Larry Quemere

     Your  Instructor 


Some may be taking the first step onto their new Journey of discovering a richer and more meaningful and creative life with a destiny of desires being fulfilled


  Everyone entering our office is required to wear a face mask at all times. Your chair for hypnosis has a fresh sheet placed over it. 

 If answering yes to any question below we need to be notified prior to your appointment.
   1. Are you not feeling well or experiencing any symptoms including but not limited to fever,             sore throat, respiratory changes, chills, muscle pain, or loss of taste and smell.
   2. Have been in the company of someone diagnosed with COVID 
   3. Have you been diagnosed with COVID at any point? 
   4. Have you traveled outside of the United States in the past 6 months?
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 The entrance to the building is locked at all times allowing only individuals with appointments. We request arriving only 10 minutes prior to your appointment. When entering our parking lot call 781.254.5933 or 781.924.5454 and someone will come out to the parking lot for you.  Thank you for your understanding and participation.


Select Which program is right for you

  • I Free To Be Three Day Hypnosis Training
  • National Guild Of Hypnotist 100 Hour Certification Program 

  • Stop Weighing Yourself
  • Never Smoke Again 
  • Public Speaking
  • Panic Attacks
  • Sleeping Better
  • ​Sports enhancement 
  • ​Soul Recovery
  • ​Mindfulness
  • ​Self Love

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