In your session you have the option to experience and learn ways of how you can achieve transformation in your life. It's forever about being the author in your own story..... We develop into the stores that we tell ourselves. As you hold close your story you either continue in the story that no longer serves you or you shift from it.  You have a choice to write an open loving story that embraces and nuture's you. Your world natural opens up, it's all there.

My position is to be of assistance with your narrative as it opens up to your new life of never ending POSSIBILITIES. Lets embrace that promise of who you are and have you demonstrate your story in a manner that is for your higher good, that of your family and of mankind.

Our moment in time together is an open space to review, rediscover and to create your story. If you don't like your story and don't change it, the next chapter will recreate the same story.

Perhaps your story holds new elements about transformation, change, growth and evolution. Learn exercises to see, hear and feel the potential of every moment and notice something you never noticed before. It's already there. Just open yourself with wonder. All it takes is the intention of looking into the possibilities of perceiving living your life differently. Time spent together is time to identify with one's true self.

There is a control switch within us that is our personal reality that can switched to one's own success. What do you want as your life story from this moment on?

Tell me your story and allow yourself to create a more fulfilling nurturing one.

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 Understanding your dreams
Today is a great​ day for success

What to expect

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Your Reality is created by beliefs and perceptions that are based on thoughts and feelings. Every time you have a thought you turn on  set of circuits in your brain that produces a level of mind for you to feel exactly the way you were just thinking, and then think the way you feel , and feel the way you think; and this cycle creates a state of being.  

My purpose: To hold a sacred space for you, and in that space, for you to see, hear and feel all that you are and can be.

        Then placing inspired action into it...

There  are many books written about the meaning of dreams. There is one person alone who can... it's  you. 

Our method  of dream-interpretation has three advantages

First : It is not limited to any one theory or belief system

Second: The basic touchstone of the method is your bodily experience of something opening up in you.

Third:This method can be taught and learned simply by asking a series of questions

Many individuals can and do interpret their own dreams by using the meanings they know. Therefore they exactly miss what is more than what they already know. How can you get beyond the point of what you know.

Dream interpretation is private You are free to keep silent about what the dream is about .  What comes to the dream from the questions asked is what is work ed on. Change has small steps. At each step the picture changes What ever you find out in this step will change in the next few steps.

Therefore receive whatever you find. Don;t argue or edit it. If you let it be and breathe a few minutes , the next step will change it further.