Living in the moment 

     Past life Regression

     Past age Regression

     Opening to the Law of Attraction

     Looking inside for the opportunity

     Attracting the right relationship

     Opening your gifts

     Trust in the power of pursuit

     Quantum leaps of faith


     Soul connection

     Spiritual Connection


     Balancing of beliefs 


     Living life with passion​

     IBS Irrital Bowel Syndrome


   Weight loss

   Stop Smoking

   Relax and let go

   Developing Intuition

   Call Center productivity

   Developing increase sales

​   Business development

​   Public Speaking.

Metaphysical Approach 

Clinical Approach 

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     Yoga Private sessions

     Yoga group sessions

     Facial Rejuvenation 

     Angel Readings

​     Living life in spirit 

     Breath work

    Relax: Learn to let go 

    You can lose weight

     Self confidence 

     Hang up: Fears and Phobias

     Imagination/ Visualization

     You can Stop Smoking

     Personal Development

     Athletic Performance

     Pain Management

     Relationship Therapy

     Stress Management

     Insomnia- Sleep Well

    Career Advancement

    Hair pulling/ nail biting

    Excesses Drinking


    Interpret your dreams 

    Test taking

    Finding lost objects

    Creating a New Career

    Finding Love

    Fear of Flying

    Highway and Tunnels


    Letting go of past relationships 

    Goal Setting

    Public Speaking