Our annual convention is the largest and friendliest of its type and attracts members from around the world to share ideas, philosophies, experiences, and friendships. Add to that our mid-winter Solid Gold conference, local chapters for year-round networking, and NGH Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) for member discussions and networking. You will make new friends and establish professional contacts.

Year-round continuing education seminars and workshops on a wide spectrum of subjects are scheduled for our members at locations around the country. Specialty Certifications earned through live, hands-on workshops. Member-only DVD rental library of hundreds of workshops and seminars. You will increase your knowledge and skills. If you are already certified by organizations with comparable certification requirements, you may be eligible for certification by reciprocity. Include all information about your training and/or certification when you apply for membership.

The Journal of Hypnotism® has been acclaimed as the leading quarterly magazine of its type. This and the e-zine HYPNO-GRAM® newsletter are available only to our members. You will be informed.

The National Guild of Hypnotists was commended in the May 11, 1993 and December 11, 2014 issue of the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD for its accomplishments and we are acknowledged, even by other professional hypnotism groups, as #1 in the field. You will be proud to share in this recognition.

               Coursework and Instruction
 The course includes 100 hours of instruction, self-study,

one-on-one practice, and demonstration
 75 hours of classroom plus 25 hours home study  
 Classes follow a mixed format of Live Demonstrations,   Techniques, and voted most important by past classes

 one on one, hands-on experience starting in your first

 A great amount of comprehension is gathered from

  working with each other in class.

  Besides working with each other, greeting your first one

  on one client in class allows you to know what you


  From direct supervision during sessions combine with 

  reviews after each session in

  A Q&A approach allows you to discover how more than

  one answer fits a question.

                  Course Lessons
       1. What is Hypnosis?
    2. Suggestibility and your clients
    3. Influences of Hypnosis
    4. Cautions of Hypnosis
    5. History of Hypnosis
    6. Self-Hypnosis

  •        Three method-
  •         Steps 1,2,3

     7. How to Hypnotize
     8. Trance depth

  •         Degrees  
  •         Stages of Hypnosis

     9. Suggestions management based on

  •         Beliefs
  •         Feelings
  •         Attitudes
  •         Behaviors

    10. The conscious /unconscious mind 

  •          The limited part of us
  •          The  storehouse of our minds

  11. Mechanical aids

  •             Spiral 
  •             Sound
  •             Light 
  •             Biofeedback Devices

  12. Additional aids
  13. Additional Induction’s
  14. Deepening techniques
  15. Miscellany
  16. Anesthesia management
  17. Smoking cessation
  18. Weight management
  19. Ethics
  20. Session Structure
  21. Behavioral Assessment
  22. Goal Setting
  23. Imagery Psychology and Hypnosis
  24. Additional Scripts and Techniques

  •             Weight management
  •             Stress
  •             Smoking cessation,
  •             Self Hypnosis 
  •             Pre-sleep technique

  25. How to run a Six-hour

        self Hypnosis course
  26. Age regression

        Uncovering Techniques

  27. Your Hypnosis practice

  •                 Sales
  •                 Marketing
  •                 Location 
  •                 Signage Building
  •                 Ethical Practice

  28. Written exam: We will work together          in making this seamless in building

        your  knowledge 

"Join with us. Learn with us. Grow with us. Let us bring you closer to the heart of this wonderful profession!"


              Certification Syllabus
    Principles of Hypnotherapy
   Study Exploring myths about Hypnosis
   Study Understanding Psychology and Hypnosis
   Study Mind/ Body
   Study Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnosis
   Study Consulting Hypnotism
   Study Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnotism
   Study Counseling Skills for Hypnotists

Center For Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

               Upon Graduation

            NGH members receive:

  •  1-year membership a $95.00 value.
  •  The Hypno gram quarterly 
  •  Journal of Hypnotism quarterly
  •  Video and audio rental
  •  Follow up phone support     

      Join us in our Hypnosis educational

      conference held each year in New                England.         

Ask us about our payment plan

National Guild of Hypnotist Certification offers Graduates an opportunity to utilize hypnosis as a career or as an adjunct to an existing professional career either Part Time or Part time in medicine, mental health, teaching or counseling.

medical health care professionals or alternative health care professionals. Upon successful completion of this course and the required assignments or practicum, you will be awarded your NGH Hypnosis Certification.

You'll have the independence in your choice of hours and days to work combined with the ability to work Part time or Full time at your profession   While working with clients you have the added value of strengthening your own belief system from the work your performing
There’s never been a better time to become a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. You have the option to develop your own scripting, techniques, and courses while building your client's database Support continues after graduation

Other Modalities you can study and add to your skill sets, Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP),  Life Coaching, Myers Briggs Testing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT),  Clinical vs Spirituality approaches,  Dowsing for answers.   It's unlimited as you can work with individuals, groups, and corporations.


For some, it becomes a profession, others blend Hypnosis into their existing practices. Email Us

                Study Process

    You may work in pairs and then share        your experiences with the entire class.  

    This has proven to be very successful         for accelerated learning and the           

     students enjoy the process.

Member Benefits at NGH
All NGH members are guaranteed the following as a part of NGH:

Strength: Established in 1950, the Guild has grown to over 18,000 members, with over 100 local chapters in 89 different countries. A growing percentage of our members have academic credentials in other fields, including medicine, psychology, counseling, and nursing.
The National Guild of Hypnotists has been acknowledged, even by other professional hypnotism groups, as the number one association in the field. We invite you to share in the prestige and recognition membership brings, by joining the nation’s premier hypnosis organization.

Resources: As a member, you’ll have access to the largest library of hypnosis related DVD’s/CD’s/MP3’s. You’ll be entitled to substantial discounts on books, DVD’s, and audio CD’s, equipment and seminars. To help educate your clients, we’ve prepared a series of pre-printed informational brochures on a number of relative topics.

Information: Educating and providing information to our membership is our most important service. To ensure members stay informed of all issues affecting their profession, all receive the HYPNO-GRAM® e-zine newsletter and the acclaimed Journal of Hypnotism®publications.
Year-round continuing education seminars and workshops on a wide spectrum of subjects are scheduled for our members at locations around the country. Opportunities are presented to sharpen skills, not only in the art and science of hypnotism but also in the areas of marketing and managing successful practices.

Opportunity: Our staff handles a multitude of calls and emails from prospective clients and media professionals from around the world, seeking referrals to local Guild-certified hypnotists. We have referred many clients, and many writers and TV and radio producers directly to appropriate Guild members.

Integrity: The Guild maintains standard codes of conduct and a strict code of ethics for all individuals and organizations in the field of hypnotism. A peer ethics committee exists to investigate any complaints. We strive to achieve harmony, mutual trust and cooperation among practitioners, and respect within the community.

Recognition: As a professional, certified member of the Guild, you will receive an impressive 11″ x 14″ certificate and an NGH Membership ID card, indicating your credentials and membership in the prestigious NGH. Certified Membership requires a minimum of 100 hours of training. (Equal to 2 college semesters)

Insurance: Certified members of NGH are eligible to apply for professional liability insurance for their practice as certified hypnotists. Malpractice protection at reasonable rates!

Credibility: Our staff works on your behalf 7 days a week, protecting, promoting and advancing the art, science, and philosophy of hypnotism. The Guild continues to make progress in establishing the profession of hypnotism and receives the highest accolades and commendations from various state and national government offices.

Certification: NGH offers a hypnotism certification core-curriculum which is taught by certified instructors (CI’s) throughout the world. Minimum requirement for certification is two semesters of hypnotism training. 15 hours of continuing education credits are recommended annually to maintain active certification, a separate board has been created to administer exams for Board Certification at three higher levels of academic and practical experience. BCH, FNGH, DNGH

Certified Hypnotist: A membership for professional hypnotists. Receive an initial 11″ x 14″ Certified Hypnotist certificate suitable for framing, annual Renewal 8″x 10″ certificate, and embossed membership card.

Your impressive Certified Hypnotist Certificate and Membership ID card convey a professional image to all who see them. You will be proud to display your credentials.
If you are not in the field professionally, but have a general interest in hypnotism and would like to join as a non-certified Associate Member, you will receive an Associate Member certificate, embossed membership card, the Journal of Hypnotism® and HYPNO-GRAM® subscription, discounts, and member-rates at special events.
Click here to apply or phone us at  (781) 924-5454.

Phone 781.924.5454

Added Value

Members receive discounts on hypnotism-related books, CDs, DVDs, MP3’s, equipment, and seminars. We also have a Hypnotism Continuing Education DVD Library, professional liability insurance available to members. Members also receive referrals through NGH's computer database and national Public Relations programs. They have access to an Internet web site with downloadable features. There is a close affiliation with NFH #104 OPEIU AFL/CIO CLC for legislative lobbying. And prompt professional service by a friendly staff which works on behalf of our members. Savings from these benefits virtually pay your dues in just the first few months.


If you have any questions feel free to call 800-446-2778 or email us. If you'd like an informational meeting with your instructor Larry Quemere to review the information and answer any questions just let us know. We'll set a time to review the information by coming into the office, Skype or Zoom conferencing.

National Guild of Hypnotist Certification Course

A small selection of titles your clients will be asking help with

   Stress Management
   Panic Attacks
   Stop Smoking
   Pain Management
   Children Staying in their own bed
   Going to the Dentist
   Learning Enhancement and Memory
   Insomnia-Sleep well
   Imagination and visualization
   Athletic performance
   Personal Development
   Learn to let go
   Relationship Therapy
   Stop Smoking

   Weight  a partial list  of what clients come to us for