Lesson One:         What is Hypnosis?

​Lesson Two:           Preliminary Suggestibility Test

Lesson Three:         Favorable and Unfavorable Influences

Lesson Four:           Cautions of Hypnosis

Lesson Five:            History of Hypnosis

Lesson Six:              How to Hypnosis

Lesson Seven:         Trance Depth

Lesson Eight:           Suggestion Management

Lesson Nine:            The Conscious and Unconscious

Lesson Ten:              Mechanical Aids

Lesson Eleven:         Additional Inductions

Lesson Twelve:         Deepening Techniques

Lesson Thirteen:       Hypnotic Miscellany

Lesson Fourteen:      Anesthesia Management

Lesson Fifteen:          Smoking Cessation

Lesson Sixteen:         Hypnosis for Weight Management

Lesson Seventeen:    Stress Management

Lesson Eighteen:       Ethics

Lesson Nineteen:       Session Structure

Lesson Twenty:          Behavioral Assessment

Lesson Twenty One:  Goal Setting

Lesson Twenty Two:   Image Psychology and Hypnosis

Lesson Twenty Three: Additional Scripts and Techniques

Lesson Twenty Four:   History of how to run a six hour Self                                        Hypnosis Course

Lesson Twenty Five     Age Regression

Plus.. Plus..                 Using NLP with Hypnosis

                                    Dream Interpretation      

                                    Law of Attraction

                                    Metaphysical Hypnosis

                                    The best Pre-talk you could have

Neuro Linguistic

Programming:                Swish pattern

                                               Language in NLP

                                                Chunking up and Down 

Coaching:                    How a Hypnotist differs from

                                     life coaching   

                                     Core Values 

Plus:                           Walk away being your best first client

Workbook:                  Plus.... Plus  

​Cost $2,195.00

i Free To Be Hypnosis Center

The NGH Approved i Free To Be 100 Certification program  is designed to provide basic to advance training to those who have no experience in Hypnosis

Upon completion some Hypnotist will

  • Go into private practice
  • Work in a Hypnosis center
  • Add Hypnosis into their current practice 

NGH Hypnosis 100 Hour Certification Class.

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