What Is Your Understanding Of Noteworthy

Why am I spending the time to focus on coincidences

Glad you asked that, so just for a moment I'll ask you. What if coincidences/dreams could be interpreted by the world book of the encyclopedia or for others a master google application. Would you use these tools? Guess what.....Only you know the true meaning of them.
My function is for you to interrupt and place into use as a passageway into your destiny/purpose in life. That's how powerful they are. My intention is for you to understand and utilize that there is a force that is at work beyond our control.

Mere coincidences versus noteworthy coincidences can spring you into change and awakenings that are ready to open you to your possibilities in fulfilling your innermost desires. We often discard commonplace coincidences as silly along with believing they just happen by random events and have really no meaning. Yet it is just the simple task of holding close collectively commonplace coincidences that often lead us into recognizing that these moments become a channel into uncovering the noteworthiness of how they pertain into our lives being full.
This practice of holding our coincidences close assist us in discarding the idea that they are silly and just happen as they unfold to a deeper meaning while holding space for them.

Success arrives on our doorstep in many forms. 
For some, it’s to follow a blueprint of pre-determined goals set in motion by ourselves.   For others, it’s a door that opens while a door is being closed. What a wonderful surprise for you in finding coincidences you experienced often become the attention grabber in noticing a door that you're leaving closed wishes to be opened by an inner thought. Often accessed out of curiosity and from a deeper- felt feeling from your unconscious.

Coincidences often take the form of unexpected events you may have never anticipated, but now beginning to appear on your journey as wakeup calls from outside ourselves resulting in being directed by a force beyond ourselves. Often these forces can become mind-boggling and challenge our belief systems. When stopping and taking stock of a coincidence, we often become blurry in our thinking between being the lines of it just being wishful and become confused while labeling them as strange, weird and odd. If you allow them into your life with openness Coincidences may become movie trailers into how you’d like to develop your life. They provide the jabs that open your thinking into the unlimited power that you have.

You may ask so when do coincidences become the synchronicity of life?    Good question…. When you’re not just believing them to be true but know them to be true and act on that knowing by displaying them in your life effortlessly. If as an individual feeling that your destiny still remains unfulfilled, that there’s something missing in your life or knowing there’s much more life to live in each moment then allow yourself to be even more open to the unexpected while reducing the mind chatter that holds us back.

Purpose Of Attending A Coincidence Workshop

   Begin to be more open to everything around you without becoming overwhelmed

  • Live in accord with your deepest needs and wishes
  • Integrate your Physical, Spiritual, Psychological and material needs into a rewarding life
  • Honor and learn from your dreams/coincidences
  • Deal with fate and participate in your own destiny
  • Interpret a series of similar happenings
  • Get past the fears that stop you from being you
  • Letting go of the mind chatter