ReBirth:         For me it was at the age of 41. I began to learn to love myself

                        by practicing forgiveness, gradtitude and compassion.

Prior:             Was living the values of life that were programed to me as to whom I

                       was  i.e  house, car, spouse, children, owning a business and making


Pre-ReBirth: Enjoyed starting and running a business. Growing that business  to a 

                       point of 100 part time and 7 full time employees, at 3 locations,

                       targeting both Consumer and Commercial  accounts.

Purpose:      Never thought my purpose  was to love and be loved aka

                      Worthiness.The opposite of love  is fear. Fear of not being enough. 


Discovery:  Things began to take a new direction as I learned to  meditate: which                             allowed me to experiance being in the moment. Letting 

                     go  of ego: which allowed me to know the inner self.  Hypnosis: which                           allowed me to see, hear and feel what was possible. Breathwork: opened

                     pathways  alllowing my unconscious to show me symbols to integrate 

                     into my life.  I have been blessed with some great teachers along the                             way, some even strangers, who I only witness living  their authentic


​Greatest accomplishments:

                   5 years of volunteer work in Hospice and the wonderful life lessons                              that were taught to me by some of those that I sat for. To this day,  I 

                   still hold onto the wonderful moments.  

                   To see and be able to listen to how wonderful, loving and caring my 

                   daughters, Julie and Sarena have grown into. To have a relationship that

                   grows each day with my wife, Eileen.  

                   Letting go of anxiety, panic attacks and 15 years of suffering with IBS.  

What Matters most:

                   Is to be as present as I can be for each client, stranger I meet  and to

                   honor my most inner thoughts and give them the space needed to grow. 


Book that started it all:

                  The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield 

Best lesson to date:


Best Expressions that I Iive by: 

                 Power is formless

                 Anything is possible

My C Goal:

                To work once again in the field  of Hospice, helping individuals to visit the

                other side connecting with their guides, family and friends. To return to this

                side with feelings of peace and for some, permission to let go. 





You can't go back and change the beginning

         But you can start where you are 

                and change the ending

                          C.S Lewis

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